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Chase Original Graphics and Technology - Since 2001, The Professional Computer Team ..... From Illustration to Website Design. From Internet Hosting to Computer and Network Sales, Service, Installation, & Support ..... Specializing in custom creative properties and computer security.

The Art Cell is the creative art storefront of Chase Original, LLC. Opened in July of 2008, The Art Cell focuses on graphic design, website design, special effects make-up, theatrical props, and tattooing services.

The Art Cell believes that good design is important in every aspect of art. Whether you're putting together a website or drawing up a tattoo, the same rules apply: Design the art around the customers needs. With that in mind, The Art Cell believes that a good artist can turn his eye in any direction to make things beautiful. The Art Cell pushes the idea that all art, from commercial art to alternative art, has the potential to be fine art.

It's all about creative thinking. If you have a problem, The Art Cell can find a solution. Whether it's trying to generate business on your recession-sized budget or trying to cover up your ex-boyfriend's name with something other than a giant blob of black, The Art Cell can help.

The artists at the Art Cell have decades of experience dealing with nearly every genre of creative properties; but, most importantly, they're artists first. Everything else develops from that. The old adage, "If you want something done quickly, ask a busy person," is similarly represented with, "If you want something to look good, ask an artist."

The Art Cell also does what it can to help out the community, especially aspiring artists. Chris Chase, the owner of The Art Cell, goes out of his way to speak at schools in the area to help get the younger generation excited about art and the prospect that you don't have to be a "starving artist" to be an artist. The Art Cell also takes on local interns to give those who are serious about making a career in art the all-important job experience they need to get them started.

If all that wasn't enough, The Art Cell has become a hang-out for the artistic minded individuals roaming the streets of Lake Geneva. The relaxed and friendly environment draws everyone from the sketch artist to the film production artist... from the figurine sculpter to the coffee house musician. Everyone is welcome at The Art Cell, and one form of creativity feeds the next. So stop down and enjoy the art.

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