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The Art Cell, Lake Geneva
The Art Cell, Lake Geneva
The Art Cell, Lake Geneva
The Art Cell, Lake Geneva
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"We're not McDonalds!"

That's the motto of The Art Cell tattoo artists. When you first walk in, you'll understand how true that is.

There isn't a bunch of "flash" (tattoo designs) covering the walls. You are greeted by staff who have little to no visible tattoos or facial piercings. The shop is done in a "boutique" style to give it an open and inviting feeling, rather than the typical claustrophobic, graffiti covered shops run by heavily tattooed bikers in "wife-beater" shirts.
Art Cell boutique style tattooing
You won't see flash lining the walls; instead, the artists at The Art Cell in Lake Geneva prefer to design the tattoos specifically for you or work with art that you bring in. It's not that there aren't reams of tattoo flash to look at, but they're not on display, because at The Art Cell, they are artists first, tattooists second.

The Art Cell doesn't hire tattooists... they hire tattoo artists. There is a difference.

A tattooist is someone who is capable at a trade. They can take flash art, make a stencil, put the stencil on you and tattoo it into your skin. This isn't to say that tattooists aren't valuable to the world of tattooing. Still, it's a lot like McDonalds, you walk in, point at the wall and say, "I want that."

A tattoo artist, on the other hand, is someone who can design a tattoo from as little as a vague idea. You don't need to just pick something off the wall.

Our staff has years of illustration or graphic design experience to compliment their years of tattooing experience. It's all about the design. You can have a very competant tattooist work on your skin, but one of our artists will take the time to design one for you; taking into account not only your ideas for the design, but also placement on your body, how it will flow with your current tattoos (or lack thereof), how it will eventually look with your skin coloring, your lifestyle, and even what it means to you or how other people will view it. We realize that tattoos are a big investment: financially, physically, and in longevity. We want you to be as happy with your tattoo 30 years down the road as you are when you leave our shop.

The Art Cell is not your typical tattoo shop. We're different and we think that's a good thing.

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