Update GPO Templates

Goal / Scope

How to install additional GPO templates into an Active Directory environment.  This is limited to environments running Server 2008 or later


Additional templates for managing devices and endpoints are often very useful.  The method for importing GPO templates into Group Policy for use has changed from previous versions of Windows server and Active Directory.  The process is much simpler and more straight forward once it is understood.

Methodology / Process Steps

To import or leverage new GPO templates in an Active Directory environment, the admx template files simply need to be copied to the following location:


Once the files are in place, opening the Group Policy MMC, will allow the new policies to be set and applied.

Known Issues / Troubleshooting

This section is for the issues that have well defined and tested solutions.

Problem: | Unable to copy the files to the specified location

Solution: | These steps must be run as a domain administrator

Problem: | The new policy is unable to be read when attempting to view or make changes to the policy

Solution: | The admx templates need to be copied to all domain controllers in the environment that will be accessed to make changes to the policies.