WSUS failing to connect new clients

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If the statement is true that you learn from your mistakes and failures, then I am getting really smart today!

I have successfully started using templates in VMware for a short while now.  I thought I was getting pretty good at it since I was standing machines up very quickly and with little effort.

Today, however, I discovered a “glitch” with my process.  When applying policy that would have the servers check the local WSUS server for updates I found that none of the servers where showing up in the administration console.  I checked my policy(I have been known to make mistakes before), but everything was just as it should be.  I clicked the refresh button with fingers crossed.  A server showed up!  I must just be too impatient, so I moved on to something more productive.  A bit later I checked again, still only one server.  HHMM, I started thinking about this, and all of the servers should have checked in by now.  I set this policy up days ago.  Ok, now for some more investigation.

I logged on to a server and in the run command window, I typed the following:

wuauclt /detectnow

That should be enough to set things straight, or so I thought.  However, nothing changed, and after 30 minutes, I determined there was something wrong.  I also discovered that the server that was showing up in the WSUS admin console was changing.  I again used my friends on the internet to get some answers.  There were a lot of different suggestions and recommendations, but none of them really fit with my situation.  Then I stumbled across this website:  This was the answer I was looking for.  I exported the registry key that I would be removing, picked a server that didn’t have a good deal of importance at this time, and deleted the following registry key:

I rebooted the server and entered the following command in the run window
wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

The server appeared in the WSUS administration console.  Success!  I repeated this process for all the other servers I created from the template and the results were the same.  I had fixed the WSUS issue of my server not showing up in the console.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017