Monitoring an Exchange 2010 Index Crawl

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If an Exchange 2010 DataBase search index needs to be rebuild, the index state for the DataBase changes to “crawling”. Unfortunately it doesn’t give any indication if it’s actually doing anything.  Considering it is possible to get the status stuck as “crawling”, the database cannot be activated in a DAG while crawling, and rebuilding an index can take a long time to complete, the ability to actually monitor it’s progress becomes important.





In order to monitor the progress of the index crawl, the following steps will setup a monitor in Perfmon to show the items indexed and items remaining:
  • Start Performance Monitor by clicking on Start>Run>Perfmon
  • Under “Monitoring Tools” select “Performance Monitor”
  • Click the green plus sign to add a monitor.
  • Select the local computer, scroll down to “MSExchange Search Indices”, select “Number of Indexed Recipients” and “Number of Mailboxes Left to Crawl”, and click the “OK” button.
  • Right click in the graph, select properties, select the “graph” tab, and change the view to “report”.

Now the progress can be seen as the number of mailboxes remaining drops, making it much easier to monitor the progress and ensure everything continues to work.

(Note:  Some mailboxes may take much longer than other mailboxes.)


none, I did find this online at one point, but I can no longer find the source.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017