MapQuest Maps Not Showing in MobileIron Locate Feature

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When attempting to locate a device using the MobileIron locate feature, the pop-up window appears, but nothing happens past that point and the browser needs to be refreshed in order to “reset” the web page to continue navigating the MobileIron console.

MobileIron Locate Device Feature failure


This issue doesn’t present itself with an error message, and the browser looks like it “locks up” and becomes unresponsive until the refresh button is pushed.


The cause of this issue is actually not the VSP appliance, but the local workstation displaying the web page.  In this case DNS filtering was implemented and some of the MapQuest URLs were being blocked by the DNS filter.  This was determined by running the Firefox Web Developer tools and analyzing the traffic.  The following URLs were “not found” causing the javascript to end up in a continuous state of waiting for the results.

The domains that need to be accessible from the client workstation viewing the MobileIron Admin console are the following.


There may be others, but these URLs are the URLs that were required to get the locate feature working or more specifically the maps to display on the locate feature.


To resolve the issue, the DNS server was changed from Open DNS to a standard web DNS server.  After clearing the DNS cache and restarting the web browser, the maps appeared as expected and provided the location of the devices.  Rules were added to the OpenDNS account to allow the URLs listed above and the DNS servers were changed back to OpenDNS servers.  Now the locate feature and the maps are working as expected.



Last Updated On October 24, 2017