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Normally I don’t have too much difficulty determining how to set or change what application will start-up automatically on login.  When I started using Gnome 3 however, I was not able to find any way to easily configure them.  I found this finally when I gave up and searched the internet.  This information was obtained from the following location:

Thank you to the person that took the time to write up that explanation.

The tool that was used in previous versions is still there, it just seems to be hidden.  You can run it by executing from a terminal or from the ALT+F2 dialog the command:


Startup Applications Preferences dialog
The list will show many of the commands that will be automatically executed after a successful login.

Add a startup command
You can add just about anything you would like to execute at user login by clicking the Add button and entering the required information in the fields. Name is the first line in the preferences dialog, while Comment is the second line and is used as an additional and longer description. The Command field will contain the command to execute automatically at the start up.  Remember if it is not in your path, the full path to the location of the file is required.

The Browse… button will allow to explore the disk content and search for an exact file. If the command requires some arguments they can be added along with the command after the name of the command to be executed.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017