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By default, KiTTY uses the Windows registry database to save its configuration (sessions, host keys, parameters). It’s possible to save it into a tree directories structure and to avoid writing anything into the registry.


To do that you just have to create a file called kitty.ini in the same directory where you put KiTTY binary or modify the existing kitty.ini file located in the following location %APPDATA%\KiTTY, and add the following two lines to a new file:



change the ‘savemode‘ line removing registry and replacing it with dir.(it is recommended that the original line is commented out using ‘#‘ and a new line added that looks like the following:


Additional Options:

It is possible to copy all the configuration from the registry for users who already created sessions with “normal” mode KiTTY when running it for the first time. You just have to run the software on the command line with the parameter:

kitty.exe -convert-dir

This option will create 6 sub-directories: Commands, Folders, Launcher, Sessions, Sessions_Commands, and SshHostKeys containing all the configuration.

NOTE:  The sub-directories will be created in the same location as the kiTTY executable.  So, it is recommended that a kiTTY folder is created and kitty.exe is placed into that folder before running kitty.exe with the -convert-dir command line parameter.


This was taken almost directly from the official kiTTY website located here.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017