Fix Active Directory Authentication / Login Ubuntu 13.10 and PowerBroker (Likewise-open)

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When attempting to authenticate and logon to a GUI on the Ubuntu 13.10 platform, it appears as if authentication is successful, and the desktop may even appear briefly, but then immediately returns to the logon screen.  Verification of the setup and configuration of PowerBroker shows no issues.  Also, a standard console logon works successfully.  Only seems to affects Active Directory users, local users can still logon successfully and are presented a desktop.

Background / Cause

This bug:

explains what is causing the behavior, at least from a high level.  The details remain unknown.

The same problem seems to manifest itself in Ubuntu 13.10 where after logging in, the $PATH variable is incorrect.



Per the bug listing above, updating /etc/pam.d/common-session by commenting out the following line by adding a (#) in front of it, and adding the line below:

session sufficient

and add:


Successful authentication and access to the desktop as an Active Directory user with PBIS 7.5.2 is now possible.



Last Updated On October 24, 2017