Fields in Word Are / Are Not Being Highlighted

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Goal / Scope

The option to allow the field formatting in Microsoft Word can be difficult to locate.  This process will allow the “shading” of a field to be set, or allow the behavior of the shading of a field to be changed.


Fields are a great way of making a repeatable form in Word.  It allows the data to change for the fields while retaining the rest of the document.  It is not always clear if fields exist in a document or there may be a need to make the fields less obvious (more seamless) in the document.

Methodology / Process Steps

In order to change the shaded background of fields

  • Click the File tab
  • Click Options
  • Click Advanced
  • Under Show document content, in the Field shading list, select one of the following:
    • To make fields stand out from the rest of the document content, select Always
    • To make fields blend in seamlessly with the document content, select Never
    • To make users of Word aware that they have clicked in a field, select When selected

Note: When the field shading option is set to When selected, the field displays a gray background when you click within the field. However, the gray shading does not indicate that the field is selected. When you select the field by double-clicking or dragging the mouse, highlighting that indicates selection is added to the gray shading.

Known Issues / Troubleshooting

This section is for the issues that have well defined and tested solutions.

There are no none issues at this time.



Last Updated On October 24, 2017