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Background / Issue

I have to admit this last one took me a while to figure out.  I was running into the same dead ends when trying to resolve the connection error to a MySQL database.  What I found was really simple explanations of how to setup digiKam with MySQL, but none of them offered any troubleshooting or additional details.  Even the digiKam website (sorry digiKam web developers) was less than helpful and hard to navigate (in my opinion).  The problem started when I would enter my information into the MySQL database configuration dialog for digiKam I would attempt to “test the connection” and I would get an error message stating “driver not loaded”.  I installed digiKam from the Ubuntu store on a fresh installation of Ubuntu (64 bit).  I searched and tried loading drivers that I thought would allow for the connection to be established, but none of the drivers I loaded seemed to work.


This solution was successful on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit using a default installation with the exception of Gnome 3 used as the desktop environment.  The digiKam package was installed from the Ubuntu store (no additional modifications made).


The solution for me finally came when I decided to review all the dependencies required.  I was only able to find this after searching for them, but I found that I was in fact missing the libqt driver which can be found in the following package:


Once I installed the package above, when I opened the digiKam software and I was asked to import my images.  I am only posting this for reference for me, and because there seems to be a serious lack of documentation around digiKam and MySQL.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017