Customize the RDS Title “Work Resources” using PowerShell on Windows Server

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When using Windows Server to access RemoteApps or desktops through RD WebAccess or the new Remote Desktop app, the workspace is titled “Work Resources” by default. This title can be changed using PowerShell cmdlets.

To change the title, open up a new PowerShell window on the connection broker server and import the RemoteDesktop module with the following command.

    Import-Module RemoteDesktop

Next, use the Set-RDWorkspace command to change the workspace name.

    Set-RDWorkspace [-Name] <string> [-ConnectionBroker <string>]  [<CommonParameters>]

For example, you can use the following command to change the workspace name to “My Business RemoteApps”

    Set-RDWorkspace -Name "Contoso RemoteApps" -ConnectionBroker

If you are running multiple Connection Brokers in High Availability mode, you must run this against the active broker. You can use this command:

    Set-RDWorkspace -Name "Contoso RemoteApps" -ConnectionBroker (Get-RDConnectionBrokerHighAvailability).ActiveManagementServer

For more information about the Set-RDWorkspace cmdlet, see the Set-RDSWorkspace reference.

Last Updated On November 20, 2018