Could not allocate requested partitions

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If you are attempting to install MobileIron appliance and the installation fails with the following error:

“Could not allocate requested partitions:”

The problem is more than likely the use of Paravirtualized controllers.  In the settings for the Virtual Machine, the SCSI controller will be set to use paravirtualiztion not one of the standard parallel or SAS controllers.  MobileIron Currently does not support the new “Paravirtualized” controllers for either disk or network controllers.   The disk controller will give the following error during an install when attempting to create the disk(s) if a paravirtualized controller is used.

"Could not allocate requested partitions: 
Partitioning failed: Could not allocate Partitions as primary partitions.
Not enough space left to create Partition for /boot"

The network card will not connect after the system is installed when a paravirtualized controller is used.

The disk controller should be replaced with the “LSI logic” parallel or SAS controller instead of the paravirtualized controller.

The network controller should be replaced with a “flexible” or “e1000” controller.

Last Updated On October 24, 2017