Citrix Receiver, PnaAuthDialog_popup window solution

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The Citrix receiver has always been a tremendous thorn in my side to install on Linux, and adding that I have been using 64 bit lately, this is only amplified.  The latest issue came with the receiver actually starting, but along with it a blank window entitled “PnaAuthDialog_popup” is displayed.  It is displayed over the top of the receiver window and it can’t be closed, the windows is set to always on top apparently and nothing happens when it is sitting there.  The windows is movable but that doesn’t help too much.  I found a help page in the internet that suggest adding an extra line in /etc/sysctl.conf with:
…and reboot.
I can’t locate the page anymore to give credit, but this seemed to correct the issue for me.
Last Updated On October 24, 2017