Find / Display UID or GID in Linux

Goal / Scope

Provide examples of effective ways to determine and display the UID and / or GID of an account.

Methodology / Process Steps

The id command is used to display a user UID / GID in Linux and / or Unix.  To obtain the UID of an account, the -u switch is used as shown in the example below.

id -u [username]

where [username] is the username of the account.

To display the GID of an account, the -g switch is used.  The example below shows how the -g switch can be used similar to the -u example above.

id -g [username]

The next example may not be very useful at first glance, but it will provide a list of all the UIDs of the groups a user has membership in.

id -G [username]

Finally, if a list of the group names along with the UID of the group is required, simply executing the command without any switches will provide this result.

id [username]

These commands can be issued as a standard user.


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