Troubleshooting your website when things go wrong.

Below is a general FAQ about potential issues that you may encounter with your website.

  • Help, I am seeing a message about the site not being trusted or the certificate was unable to be verified.

This is normal.  The certificate for my domain certificate authority is not installed or installed incorrectly on the computer or device you are trying to access your site from.  Refer to the email sent originally that included the certificate for the certificate authority.  This can be installed easily and only means that anything that is issued from that certificate authority you will now trust.

  • I am trying to log on with my Facebook account, but it just keeps returning to the logon page.

This is probably due to the authentication method for Facebook logons failing.  Please contact the system administrator for further details on how to resolve this issue.

  • I have never been able to logon to my site, what am I doing wrong?

More than likely it is an issue with the username and / or password you are supplying.  Due to the number of authentication possibilities, it may get confusing what needs to be used when logging on.  Remember, everyone has a domain account that will give them editor rights and Facebook can also be used.  The domain account was supplied to you in your “welcome” email.  Your Facebook account should be used just like if you were logging on to Facebook.

  • I am not able to access my site with the domain account provided, what is happening?

More than likely something is not working with the username / password combination.  Please contact your system administrator to have your password reset.

  • I am missing all sorts of options when I log on with my Facebook account.  What happened to all my menus and options?

Unless you contact your system administrator and request that the role be modified for your Facebook account, all Facebook accounts are set to subscriber only for security reasons.  NOTE:  You must log on with the Facebook account at least 1 time to “create” the account, so the system administrator can make the changes to the role for that account.

 I would like to have another family member access my site with rights to help post things, what can I do to get an account for them?

Your system administrator will be happy to either provide a domain account or modify the role of a Facebook account to provide the user with the rights necessary.  This will require your permission in writing (an email will work also) before providing anyone access to your site with a role any higher than subscriber.