Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question regarding your website

General Questions

Question:  I am really nervous that if i put a lot of effort into my site, something will go wrong and I will lose everything.


Your site is running on a Linux based server that is being replicated to 2 additional servers for high availability in the event of a catastrophe.  These servers are being synchronized in real time.  The data is also being backed up to a completely different server at the same site and then that data is being replicated to a cloud solution.  So even in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, etc. your data will always be recoverable.

Question:  I really don’t want to integrate Facebook into my site, can I remove this functionality?


Absolutely.  The Facebook functionality was put in place to provide some ease of management, but both the “post to Facebook” option and the “logon using Facebook” option can be removed.

Security Questions

Question:  I don’t want people to steal my data, or use it without my knowledge, what can I do to prevent this?


While there is no simple way to answer this, there are several steps you can take to ensure your data remains safe.

  • First and probably most simple is password protecting your posts.  You can set individual passwords for each of your posts and then provide that password only to those people you would like to access them.
  • Next, roles can be created that can be leveraged in such a way that only members of those roles will be able to access the page / post / etc.  This is a little more complex to setup, but can make it very easy to manage access later.
  • Another approach is to require that all users log on before accessing your site.  This prevents most users, but can also prevent users that you want to access the site.  Using this in combination with a Facebook authentication mechanism, will allow most people access your site, but they will have limited rights and all user traffic can be tracked.
  • For the completely paranoid, an .htaccess file can be created with only a handle (or even just 1 user) allowed to gain access.  This is a little extreme, but may be what is requested in some cases.

I am sure there are other options, if you have a scenario that you would like to have, please contact your system administrator to see if what you are looking for can be implemented.