MobileIron Quarantine Fails for iOS devices

Problem When a device managed falls out of compliance, the compliance action setup to quarantine the device fails to remove the profiles correctly, but leaves all the profiles in place.  This can be a significant problem with the security of the corporate data and / or access to corporate resources. Background Discovered on several installation of MobileIron and seemed ... Continue Reading

Change your Mac Hostname via Terminal

Here’s how to change a Mac hostname with the command line and make it permanent: scutil --set HostName Simply replace with whatever you want the hostname of your Mac to be changed to. An example would be let’s say I want to change my Mac laptop’s hostname to MacBookPro, I will use this command: scutil ... Continue Reading

Stupid Mobile Account “feature” for Mac

While I have to admit that I do have a soft side for Mac, sometimes I fail to see the “thought outside of the box”.  The Mobile Account feature for Macs associated with a directory is one of those times.  It is disappointing at best, and even Apple states it doesn’t provide that much functionality. ... Continue Reading