• Troubleshooting WSUS Connection Issues


    The configuration has been completed for client computers to connect to a WSUS server, but are not reporting in after a period of days.  Computers may show up in the WSUS console, but will not be reporting in or will not have reported in for several days

    Background / Cause

    Some client computers have been affected ... Continue Reading

  • Setup Best Case for End-Users

    Goal / Scope

    Setup BestCase software for end-users


    • The Best Case Shortcut needs to be copied from the Best Case network location to the desktop to allow easy access to the software
    • When opening Best Case, if the permissions on a couple of files is not set correctly, Best Case will fail to open with the following error:

    [insert ... Continue Reading

  • Unable to Remove / Hide Gnome Desktop Icons


    On the latest version of the Gnome desktop the desktop icons remain on the desktop.  By default the desktop icons are hidden, but the icons are still showing even when checking the settings and verifying the configuration is to hide the desktop icons.

    Background / Cause

    The cause of this is installing additional packages that interfere ... Continue Reading

  • MobileIron Wireless Configuration for Certificate Authentication Troubleshooting Topics


    Setting up certificate based authentication can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  It is great when it works, but getting to that point can be a slow and painful process if inexperienced with implementation and general knowledge of certificates.  This document is meant to serve as a guide for troubleshooting the “simple” things that seem ... Continue Reading

  • Error: Site [] does not exist when attempting to enable site on Apache



    Issuing the command a2ensite on an Apache web server results in the following error:

    Error:  Site  does not exist

    where is the name of the configuration file / domain name to be enabled.

    Also, attempting to manually link the configuration file to the sites-enabled directory also fails to load the configuration successfully.

    Background / Cause

    If all of ... Continue Reading

  • Fix Active Directory Authentication / Login Ubuntu 13.10 and PowerBroker (Likewise-open)


    When attempting to authenticate and logon to a GUI on the Ubuntu 13.10 platform, it appears as if authentication is successful, and the desktop may even appear briefly, but then immediately returns to the logon screen.  Verification of the setup and configuration of PowerBroker shows no issues.  Also, a standard console logon works ... Continue Reading

  • [ldap_search_ext_s() for user failed][Operations error]


    This error is encountered when attempting to use LDAP queries for authentication on a LAMP server, or a Linux server running Apache.  This behavior was encountered on an Ubuntu Linux server.


    An attempt to authenticate using an LDAP lookup to an Active Directory domain controller from a web page running on an Apache web server produces ... Continue Reading

  • MapQuest Maps Not Showing in MobileIron Locate Feature


    When attempting to locate a device using the MobileIron locate feature, the pop-up window appears, but nothing happens past that point and the browser needs to be refreshed in order to “reset” the web page to continue navigating the MobileIron console.

    MobileIron Locate Device Feature failure


    This issue doesn’t present itself with ... Continue Reading

  • WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard Hangs on “Deleting unused updates…”


    WSUS is a great product for the price.  It is certainly not something that should be used for large scale enterprise organizations, but it could be used in that manner if options were limited.


    • The price can’t be beat
    • Performs very well with Microsoft updates
    • WAN bandwidth usage can be reduced by creating a local store of required ... Continue Reading
    • Could not allocate requested partitions

      If you are attempting to install MobileIron appliance and the installation fails with the following error:

      “Could not allocate requested partitions:”

      The problem is more than likely the use of Paravirtualized controllers.  In the settings for the Virtual Machine, the SCSI controller will be set to use paravirtualiztion not one of the standard parallel or SAS controllers.  ... Continue Reading

    • Troubleshooting and Testing MobileIron

      Here is a list of problems and the solutions I have experienced while working with MobileIron.

      Question / Problem:

      Can a Sentry be added to multiple VSPs?

      Answer / Solution:

      Under no circumstances should a Sentry be added to multiple VSPs.  This will cause all types of problems including but not limited to; failure to retire devices, failure to ... Continue Reading

    • digiKam Unable to load driver error

      Background / Issue

      I have to admit this last one took me a while to figure out.  I was running into the same dead ends when trying to resolve the connection error to a MySQL database.  What I found was really simple explanations of how to setup digiKam with MySQL, but none of them offered any ... Continue Reading

    • Error loading MySQLdb module: No module named MySQLdb

      When configuring Seafile to use mySQL I ran into a very frustrating error, that was actually pretty simple to fix.

      sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb

      will install the required dependencies to get this working.

      also the path for mysql.sock is actually /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock for my version of Linux

      Continue Reading
    • Reset Ubuntu Desktop

      If you are careful and avoid using cutting edge repositories, then the following commands may not be really important to you.  However, if like me you always have to try and tweak that one last thing, the day that you fail to have a desktop materialize on your screen, these commands will help you get ... Continue Reading

    • Internet Explorer and the latest wave update of Office 365

      Office 365 and Internet Explorer 8 compatibility

      I have run into some issues with the latest upgrade wave of Office 365 and my clients using I.E. 8.  They are experiencing slow response times, lag, freezing, etc.  I opened a Microsoft support case and when I was finally able to get support, they offered the following:

      • Internet Explorer ... Continue Reading
      • Citrix Receiver, PnaAuthDialog_popup window solution

        The Citrix receiver has always been a tremendous thorn in my side to install on Linux, and adding that I have been using 64 bit lately, this is only amplified.  The latest issue came with the receiver actually starting, but along with it a blank window entitled “PnaAuthDialog_popup” is displayed.  It is displayed over the ... Continue Reading
      • [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 443, the first has precedence

        I got this error after adding several SSL sites to my LAMP server:

        _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 443, the first has precedence

        To fix these errors and remove the SSL Certificate warning that was pointing to the wrong site, this statement is required:

        NameVirtualHost *:443

        in the Apache ports configuration file (ports.conf).  Special thanks to Happy Coding ... Continue Reading

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