Power Broker (formerly Likewise)

Goal / Scope Successful Active Directory Authentication using Power Broker Open, formerly Likewise and configuration of settings. Background Likewise has been around for quite a while now and can be used to join a Linux or Mac computer to an Active Directory domain.  It makes quick and easy work of configuration that used to take […]

Networking 101

Purpose Proper flow of network traffic and solid network connectivity is critical to any network.  Past experiences have shown while it is acceptable to leave the advanced configurations to the network team, a basic understanding and the ability to configure the basics is important for anyone at just about any level.  The ability to troubleshoot […]

Update GPO Templates

Goal / Scope How to install additional GPO templates into an Active Directory environment.  This is limited to environments running Server 2008 or later Background Additional templates for managing devices and endpoints are often very useful.  The method for importing GPO templates into Group Policy for use has changed from previous versions of Windows server […]

Joomla! Definitions

Goal / Scope The goal of this article is to define some of the key terms and concepts used in Joomla! websites. Background After being pushed into working with Joomla! for clients, I had to get some of the terms and concepts straight to be able to effectively help my clients.  I put this together […]

Setup SNMP on VMware ESXi Hosts

Goal / Scope Enable the ability to monitor and report on ESXi servers using SNMP Background By default the SNMP functionality is disabled in ESXi servers.  Also, simply attempting to start the service via the GUI interface fails with an error.  A little tweaking is required to get the SNMP service up and running on […]

Multiple Password Policies in an Active Directory Environment

Goal / Scope This information will identify the proper process for implementing fine-grain password polices, or implementing several different password policies in a single Active Directory domain.  By default, only a single password policy can only be set per domain.  Beginning in Windows 2008 Active Directory domains, the ability to set several password policies was […]